Jeep® Wrangler Obstacle Course Created for Workers

Jeep® Wrangler Obstacle Course Created for Workers

The Jeep® Wrangler is a world-renowned off-road SUV that can take on the toughest obstacles Mother Nature has to offer. While many off-road enthusiasts understand what the lean, mean rock-climbing machine can do, the people who build the vehicle might not. To remedy this, a Jeep® Wrangler obstacle course was built at the Toledo Assembly Complex.

To help workers understand the full capability of the Jeep® Wrangler, the program features training courses and lessons on the brand’s history as well as the new obstacle course.

The course took three weeks, a lot of manpower, and 3,500 tons of dirt, rock, and asphalt to build. While it certainly wasn’t cheap, those in charge consider it an investment that will pay off in the near future.

The Jeep® Wrangler obstacle course features two trails, one that workers can take on themselves and a second where they’re joined by an off-roading expert. By getting behind the wheel of one of the world’s most capable SUV themselves, workers will get a better understanding of just what the off-road model can do.

We here at Bill Harris CDJR are happy to see Jeep® helping workers get a firm grasp on just what the Wrangler is capable of!

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