The Benefits of Diesel Engines

The Benefits of Diesel Engines

Benefits of DieselDiesel cars never took off in America like they did in Europe, but diesel vehicles are starting to surge here in the States, especially in work trucks. So what are the benefits of diesel engines?

For one thing, diesel cars can offer a big boost in fuel economy, especially on the highway. While you might not notice much of a difference in the city, for drivers who spend a lot of time on highways, you’ll definitely stop far less often at the pump.

Diesel cars also have a lot of low-end power, meaning they don’t need to be revved much to accelerate like gas cars do and move forward easily from being fully stopped. This is also a factor in towing—diesel engines are popular in work trucks because they provide more low-end torque, letting drivers tow and haul large cargo more efficiently than in gas-powered vehicles.

Diesel engines are also typically longer-lasting than gasoline engines and require less complex maintenance. It also means that there’s less chance of electrical failure or other complications, since it doesn’t use a sparking system to ignite the fuel but instead compresses hot air.

If you’re a frequent highway driver and you’re willing to pay the higher entry fee into the diesel market, give us a call at Bill Harris Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today and ask about our diesel vehicles!

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