Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Ease the Stress

Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Ease the Stress

Thanksgiving Travel TipsThanksgiving week is possibly the busiest travel time of the year. No matter how stressful it can be, it’s worth it to visit and feast with friends and family. Take note of these two simple Thanksgiving travel tips to make your voyage this year as easy and breezy as possible.

Make It Fun

Whether you’re travelling by car or plane, keep in mind that it’s not just you who finds this stressful. Everyone is in the same boat and likely on their way to see their own families. Be patient and kind with others, including your own travel companions. Come prepared with car games or entertainment for the airplane, like a deck of cards or a puzzle book.

Get Time on Your Side

Leave early and thank yourself later. If you’re driving, this will help you beat traffic. Plus, if you’ve got time to kill, then you’ll feel more relaxed about making longer stops to stretch your legs and maybe get a bite to eat.

If you’re flying, leaving early will make the check-in and security process less stressful for you. You can also make it simpler by checking in online the night before and by packing light to avoid worrying about luggage.

As with anything, your travel experience will be all the more pleasant if you’re not racing the clock or are the guy on your flight who still needs a seat.

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