3 Most Haunted Places near Ashland, Ohio

3 Most Haunted Places near Ashland, Ohio

It’s October, which means it’s time for pumpkin treats, Halloween parties, and ghost stories. Ohio is actually full of eerie hauntings, many of them close to Bill Harris CDJR. Visit these three most haunted places near Ashland, if you dare!

Ohio State Reformatory

This old prison shut down in 1990 and has since been the setting of several movies and shows, including The Shawshank Redemption. Ghost hunters and amateur thrill seeks alike have reported sighting ghostly outlines and hearing the rowdy behaviors of past prisoners, like slamming doors and yelling voices.

Bissman Building - Haaunted places near Ashland, OHBissman Building

Once a grocery store warehouse in 1886, the Bissman Building now offers ghost hunts and tours. Common sightings include a man in a top hat and a little girl. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps and voices, and walking through unexplained cold spots.

Pleasant Valley Cemetery

The hauntings at this cemetery start with a love story from 1896. Ceeley Rose loved Guy Berry dearly. Guy wasn’t so interested, but instead of taking the blame, he told Ceeley that they couldn’t be together because her family didn’t approve. Being the proactive, solution-seeking type, Ceeley murdered her parents and her brother without ever knowing that Guy had lied to her. Today, the Rose family haunts the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, walking unsettled among the tombstones.

Be careful when visiting these haunted places this fall season!

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