Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Is Coming

Thanksgiving is almost here and Black Friday will be quick to follow. If you’re like many Americans, you’ll be heading to stores to take advantage of some great deals. Be prepared for the frenzy with these Black Friday shopping tips from Bill Harris CDJR!

Sign Up for Emails

Most stores have an email newsletter that gives details about what kind of sales are coming up, particularly those on Black Friday. In order to take advantage of the information in email newsletters, hopeful shoppers should sign up at least two weeks prior to Black Friday. Doing so can help you save time by eliminating stores that don’t have any sales you’re interested in.

Go With a Friend

There’s no doubt that Black Friday shopping can be a little crazy and, in some cases, overwhelming. Sales tend to see major crowds and that can make locating certain merchandise difficult to find. That’s why you should consider shopping with a friend—if you bring a helper, the two of you can split up and cover more ground in less time!

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead before you head out on Black Friday. Research what stores are closest to you, what time they open, and what merchandise they have that you want. See if you can get an inkling of what kind of crowds to expect as well so you can come prepared!

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